Full Flight: Allegiant Air A320 Cincinnati to Fort Lauderdale (CVG-FLL)

Hey guys! Welcome to another Allegiant Air full flight video, this time from Cincinnati, Ohio down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Coming into this flight, Allegiant was my favorite ULCC out of the main 3 in the U.S. and after flying this route I can happily say they’re still my favorite. However, there were still problems that could’ve been a lot worse. First off, I was originally booked on a 9am flight down to FLL which would’ve given me plenty of time in between flights, but a couple days before my trip, Allegiant cancelled it and so I had to move up to this one (which I’m super fortunate there was another flight knowing how Allegiant operates). My connection now was already much closer than I would’ve liked it and on top of that, Allegiant started delaying this flight for no apparent reason which really got my stomach churning. Luckily, the delay was only 30 minutes and we took off on a very enjoyable and pleasant flight down to Florida! Allegiant Air is a very leisure & vacation oriented airline which means you cannot connect on this airline anywhere, rather they sell only nonstop tickets mostly from the north to/from the south (or from cold places in the winter to vacation destinations). So in a lot of ways, they’re different from Frontier and Spirit, but still similar in other ways such as having those lousy tiny tray tables. Seats are slimline and don’t recline, but are naturally “reclined” a little which kind of makes the seats actually comfortable. Thankfully on this flight, I had a whole row to myself so I really got to be comfy and enjoy the flight more than I would’ve with a full flight. I’d definitely recommend flying Allegiant if you can because of their cheap fares, nice crews, and rising reputation out of the ashes. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Allegiant Air
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A320 (N236NV)
Seat: 11A
Flight Time: 2 hr 5 min
Flight #: G4 1328
Takeoff: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Landing: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Filmed: March 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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