What’s Current Air Travel Is Like? Flying The World’s Oldest B777

I was flying Chicago to Denver on a United B777. Before my flight, I met up with my United friend Mike Hanna, who heads up United’s Chicago hub operations. He gave me a tour and showed me around the new measures being taken to make travel cleaner and safer, such as social distancing at the terminal and lounge, temperature checks for all employees, installing of glass shields at check in and the electrostatic spray cleaning of the terminal and inside the plane. He also showed me a HEPA filter and explained how the air filtration system works inside the plane.

Then I flew on the World’s oldest active B777, N774UA, an original Boeing 777-200 A model from Chicago to Denver. The plane was 26.0 years old, line number 002 from Boeing. During my flight I met up with fellow passengers, pilots and cabin crew to see what’s changed in air travel. I documented the new boarding procedures, the change in food and beverages being served onboard and everything else. I talked to several passengers about how they feel about flying during this pandemic.

United currently do not have social distancing measures in place onboard their planes, but said they are alerting passengers and providing alternative options if the flight is 70% or more full.

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